Damss ULTRA ‘Relief’ XXL – Premium – Celebrity Choice (10 Panty Liners & 10 Disposable Bags FREE)

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FREE 10 panty liners / 10 disposable bags

Damss ULTRA ‘Relief’ XXL Premium is a range of exclusive Trifold ”SILVERFOIL” sanitary pads ensuring long-lasting protection and comfort. Its extra-long length, pleasant odour, liquid-lock magic gel technology and luxurious feel make it a premium quality product. Its high-grade wings wrap snugly around the underwear to keep the pad in place. With these premium sanitary pads, be completely worry-free during your periods.

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Damss Sanitary Pads For Your Daily Hygiene

Damss encourages women to celebrate life and their bodies. We have designed our sanitary pads to provide complete protection and comfort during your period days. They are thoughtfully produced to provide the utmost comfort, ease, and safety so you can live life to the fullest. We want Damss to reach every household, making every woman in the country aware of the importance of good menstrual hygiene. It is disheartening that there is still a stigma surrounding sanitary pads, like bringing them out of the black plastic/brown paper bag, women still using cloth (unhygienic) or nothing at all in place of sanitary pads. We do not want to break this taboo but entirely eradicate it from the roots. With the finest quality material and highly affordable sanitary pad options, Damss pads are designed to meet your individual needs and are available in various sizes and forms. Explore our entire section of sanitary pads and choose the one that fulfils your needs.


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